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Police: 80-year-old grandmother beaten during home invasion. Home Security Tips For The Elderly

Police: 80-year-old grandmother beaten during home invasion. Home Security Tips For The Elderly | Home Security Tips | Jordan Frankel |

Rochester, N.Y. – Rochester police are searching for a man who forced his way into a home on Norton Street and beat an 80-year-old woman.Police said the incident happened between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Wednesday. The victim heard her doorbell ring and answered. 


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As a senior, your changing lifestyle could leave you vulnerable to security risks. Retirement allows you more time for vacations, leisure activities, and outings with friends and family. But unfortunately, illness or frailty may create physical challenges that make you an easier target.


Here are a few helpful home security tips to consider.



A skilled thief can get in and out quickly, taking thousands of dollars in valuables in a few minutes. Here are a few home security tips to help you minimize the risk of a break in.

  • A security system – An alarm company sign in your yard won’t prevent break-ins, but it could make a burglar rethink his decision to enter your home. A more aggressive burglar could see an alarm as a warning/timer to get in, take a few valuables, and get out quickly before the police arrive. Either way an alarm can minimize your losses.
  • Secure locks –  Heavy duty/high-tech entry systems are difficult to open, but a persistent burglar can always break a window or find another way. At least secure entry hardware with a security door brace to slow him down and help minimize your losses. A key deadbolt lock can prevent burglars from exiting through the door, which can stop them from hauling away big items such as TVs and entertainment systems.
  • Security lighting – Darkness makes it easy for a burglar to invade your home. Motion Lights in key areas–porches, walkways, side yards–can deter them. Consider motion detector lighting that can be triggered by activity on your property. Set lights on timers. Remember, lights that are always on or off can tell burglars that you’re out of town.
  • Keep landscaping trimmed neat – Lawn overgrowth and bushes gone wild tell a burglar that you’re away or too incapacitated to maintain your property. Overgrown bushes can provide cover for burglars entering your home. They also keep neighbors and police from noticing when someone is breaking in while you’re away.
  • Don’t let mail pile up – As a senior, a pile of mail, packages, and newspapers tells a burglar that you’re on vacation. It can also hint that if you are at home, you’re probably bedridden or too weak to fight back. If you can’t get the daily mail yourself, have someone pick it up. If you’re out of town sign up for USPS Hold Mail Service or have a trusted friend pick it up and hold it for you





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